Investment Approach

Spear Point employs a four step investment approach:

Spear Point seeks to adopt the strategies utilized by the largest activist investors and apply these strategies to publicly traded companies with less than $2.0 billion in market capitalization. This oft overlooked segment of the stock market provides numerous opportunities for deep value investments.

Purposeful Selection

Extensive research and due diligence process to identify and vet opportunities that meet our investment criteria

Acquire Stake

Via open market purchases, buying blocks of stock from current holders or alternative strategies; attempt to purchase anonymously to minimize market disruption

Engagement Strategy

Communication with target management and directors to optimize leadership, operations, strategy and capital allocation with the goal of improving performance and increasing value


Exit strategies include a trading approach as well as transaction structuring, evaluation and support. For investments in target companies where a change in control transaction is advisable, we are prepared to structure and support take private transactions by private equity funds.